Energy Savings


summerSummer is always a time of joy and fun for the whole family. The endless sunshine and the warm weather make it an exciting time to be outdoors. However, the problem starts when you come home. The amount of glass used in today’s modern houses means that heat gets trapped inside your house easily, mimicking the effect of a greenhouse. The intense heat buildup inside your house can be unbearable at times, despite the air-conditioning working at full capacity!

Classis window films have got just the answer for this problem. Our wide variety of window film products provides a myriad of solutions for you! Be it cutting down the sun’s glare, or reducing the heat buildup inside your house, Classis window film makes a world of difference!

Glass is a very good conductor of heat. During winter time, heat loss through your house’s glass window is a big problem for your whole family. It not only makes your home as cold as the weather outside, it also increases your family’s heating bills as your heater desperately tries to replace the heat lost through your glass windows.

Classis’s multi-layer sputter film has just the right solution for you. The low emissivity of Classis’s multi-layer sputter films is able to reflect the heat from the heater back into your home, thereby effectively re-circulating the heat.
This makes the heater more efficient and therefore consuming less amount of energy.