Film Types


2 Ply
Classis window film’s 2 ply High Performance window films are made using 2 layers of super-high clarity polyester films. The combination of a metallised layer and another layer of UV protection enhanced clear /dyed polyester films makes this one of the most popular film products of the Classis range of window films.

Designed for maximum heat rejection efficiency whilst minimizing cost outlay for you, this range of solar control films comes in a variety of colors and shades. The flexible use of metallised PET and clear/dyed PET makes it highly suitable for use in both your cars and homes.



3 Ply
Classis window film’s 3 ply High Performance films are designed to give maximum heat rejection and maximum glare control. In situations when the sun’s ray are annoyingly glaring and hot, this range of solar control films are the best bet you have.

You can choose from a variety of colors ranging from blue to green to neutral or you may simply like it black.
Classis window film’s 3 ply High Performance films are made using 3 layers of UV enhanced polyester films to give you maximum UV protection.



Electron Beam metallised films from Classis Window Film are the state of the art solar control films that gives consumers the best of everything window films has to offer.

Combining excellent heat rejection capabilities, beautiful aesthetics, fast drying time and ease of installation, it is the dream window films for most installers and consumers alike. With a wide range of light transmission from 60% to 5%, one is bound to be able to find one of these products to be suitable for his or her use.

Classis’s Electron Beam films are constructed using 2 ply of polyester but the darker shades of 5% and 10% are made using 3 ply of polyester. The double layers of metallised films give the maximum heat rejection possible while maintaining the natural aesthetics of your glass.



Single Layer
Classis’s Sputter films are manufactured using various metal alloys and sputtering them onto a layer of high clarity polyester film. This forms a layer of highly durable sputter coating that is excellent in heat rejection and low in reflectivity.

The neutral look of the film will eliminate the “garish” look of highly reflective films of the past. It provides excellent heat rejection combined with modern aesthetic looks.

Some of the metals that are commonly used are nickel, chrome, stainless steel and copper. These metals provide good heat rejection and are very stable by nature. This helps to eliminate the possibility of oxidation within the film so that you can enjoy many years of worry-free “coolness”.



Multi Layer
Another unique product of Classis’s sputter film is its multi-layer sputter films. This solar control film is manufactured using the same sputtering machines except that instead of a single pass to deposit a layer of metal onto the polyester, the film is made to go through multiple passes to deposit multiple layers of precious metals onto the polyester. In addition to the metal used such as nickel and chrome, pure silver is added into the mix. The layer of silver deposited onto the polyester increases the heat rejection capabilities of the film dramatically.

This not only makes Classis window film spectrally selective, it also makes the film more resistant to heat absorption. As a result, the heat build-up of the interior will be dramatically reduced. This makes this film perfect for both homes and cars whereby natural light is needed but not the heat!


Classis Window Films’ Nano Ceramic series are manufactured using inorganic materials such as Indium Tin Oxide(ITO) and Antimony Oxide(ATO). The inorganic nature of these materials ensures the longevity of the films’ performance as well as it colour stability. Unlike other ceramic films that uses organic materials in its construction, Classis’s Supreme series films do not turn “yellow” nor does its performance drop substantially after prolong exposure to the sun. With its high IR heat rejection of up to 99% and its longevity, Classis’s Supreme series set itself a class above its competitors.

Supreme series comes in a variation of light transmission ranging from 70% to 5%. Its ultra low reflectivity of 6% will make your glass look like original factory tint.


The SPECTRA series is our newest line of solar control film that provides full spectrum protection against the Sun’s UV and IR rays.

SPECTRA films are able to block the full spectrum of UVB and UVA rays. In addition, the SPECTRA films are also able to block a wider range of IR heat resulting in better Total Solar Energy Rejection than similar films.